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Hello and welcome to Wonder If It Works!  I’m excited to start testing all those fun ideas and recipes that you’ve seen floating around the web and media sites.  First I’ll tell you a little about myself.  I am a regular every day mom who loves trying new things and exploring new places.  I am a hiker, Pinterest enthusiast, crocheter, and lover of books.    I have 4 awesome kiddos, and a wonderful supportive husband who make life both interesting and fun.

Like several of you I have seen all kinds of crafts, recipes, DIY projects, and fun activities all over the Internet.  Several times I’ve wondered to myself, “Does that really work?”  So I thought, why not try out a bunch of these ideas myself and share my experiences and unbiased opinions with others wondering the same thing.  I am hoping to make this blog as interactive as possible, so if  you see something online and you think to yourself, “I wonder if that works?”  Send some comments my way.  Let’s get started!

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